Career Navigation

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How to use Career Navigation

Everybody learns differently, which is why this course offers content and in a variety of formats. The assessments, such as the Career Scorecard, are exercises that may take a little time. Think hard about your answers, and be honest with yourself.   The results of your self-evaluation may surprise you! 

Career Q&A

As you navigate through the course, make notes of any questions you have about the content, and how it applies to you. In a few days, you will receive information on Amtec’s Career Q&A, an online webinar held most Thursdays at 11 am Pacific time. As a subscriber, you can submit questions in advance of these sessions and an Amtec recruiting professional will answer them during the Career Q&A. 

Thank you again for allowing us the opportunity to advance your career development and success in the workplace with Career Navigation. Enjoy the journey!

* Please note that marking a lesson complete helps you track your progress throughout this course. However, you may return to any lesson in the course at any time during your subscription period.

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